18 January 2021

Ready for a life-changing experience?

Meet new challenges, learn new skills, adapt and grow in the heart of Nature.

 Madre de Dios is perhaps the world’s most diverse bioregion, with countless species of plants, insects, birds and animals. We’re in our third year of managing 50 hectares of rainforest on the Tambopata river, where we are building a sustainable community and, one day, a Temple to Nature, celebrating all our relations, seen and unseen, on our amazing planet.

 The Sipapu project has been an amazing adventure, with huge learning curves, from the jungle climate and ever-changing river, to logistics, gardening, chakra (small jungle farm) management, cooking, staffing and surviving the pandemic.

 2020 has been tough, with many plans put on hold. Nevertheless we have installed solar energy and clean water, are improving food security via banana, citrus, yucca, avocado, pumpkin and inga alley-cropping, and planting traditional Amazonian medicinal plants.

 We’ve come a long way. There’s a long way to go. The Amazon rainforest plays a pivotal role in climate stability. It is under constant threat from deforestation due to mining and logging. It needs custodianship through active, sustainable and regenerative presence.

 That’s where you come in. Living, working, exploring and just being in the rainforest is a transformative experience. It will challenge, deepen, strengthen, and soften you. You will adapt to meet its challenges, stretch yourself with new skills and relationships. You will face yourself. You will grow.

 If you’re healthy, practical, resilient, happy to work alone or in a small team, and reckon a rainforest adventure might just be your ticket out of lockdown, get in touch!

 Davina & Nizami, Project Directors

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