A Great Start to 2020!

14 January 2020

A big thank you to everyone who came to Brightling Hall this weekend for the Big Sale. Your donations will go a long way towards helping Davina and Nizami get Phase One of the plan moving in March 2020, and it’s lovely that so many treasured items have found their way to the right new homes.

Thanks also to our amazing team of helpers, on hand to provide everything from sartorial advice to kitchen utensil suggestions, help adding and wrapping stuff up, and generally making for a lovely buzzy atmosphere.

So lovely to participate in a mini village fair, where the keyword was definitely fair. I mean, amongst the clacking of crockery, children hidding in piles of cushions, the odd very distinguished-looking greyhound looking balefully on, there were fair ladies trying on sequins, earnest chaps negotiating fair exchanges, not of pounds and pence but of ayni. It’s wonderful when you quote a price and the customer doubles it! Fun and blessings all round!

So, if you’re thinking of decamping, readjusting, liquidating or liberating yourself in some way, have a house sale! Great way to bring your community together, reallocate stuff to where it’s needed, and free up energy for your mission! Just add a little hot chocolate to greet guests at the door!