Pandemic Forces Sale

15 April 2021

We’re sad to say that, after a long, hard year, with no clear end in sight to the Covid-19 global travel restrictions, we have decided to put Sipapu up for sale. 

We’ve worked hard to install sustainable systems, restore chacras, maintain structures, replace roofing and the boat, and generally poured a lot of love and energy into the land.

With most of our clients being based in the UK, from where travel to Peru is currently not possible, we are unable to bridge the gap created by the pandemic.

Our hope is that the new owners will further our dream of sustaining something special here, for the good of the forest, and the planet

Those who visited us before the pandemic struck, will remember the magic of Sipapu. The river, the skies, the trees, the birds and the symphony of the insects. 

Things are changing week by week. No one can predict when or if international travel will return to normal. 


The new owners may have a different client base (travel from Europe and North  America is currently permitted), a  business model not based on retreats, or simply be better able to bridge any gaps. 

Whoever they are, they will benefit from restored chacras, cleared trails and boundaries, upgraded electrics and plumbing and other improvements. 

We’re sad to be leaving, of course. But we’re also very proud of what we have achieved under very difficult circumstances. 

Sipapu remains a remarkable place. As Amazonian land parcels go it is relatively small but its 47 hectares are packed with intricate ecosystems. One  encounters the infinite forms of nature every day.  

It would make an ideal research outpost, beside the internationally renowned Tambopata Nature Reserve, which supports an incredible number of the world’s species of plant, insect, mammal and reptile. At the same time Sipapu is not not so far from the city, and therefore international access.


Sipapu will also appeal to those wishing to avoid the increasingly heavy restrictions placed upon them in the developed world. The rainforest offers an age-old sanctuary to those seeking deep reconnection to the Earth.

Being in the forest, with its tranquil atmosphere, its air laden with phytokinins, is a medicine in itself. And of course the forest offers a plethora of natural remedies. 

Plant medicine aficionados will be delighted to take ownership of plantations of various  Amazonian medicinal plants, and to continue exploring the forest in search of further specimens.  


If owning your own ecolodge in 47 Hectares of Amazon rainforest sounds like the sanctuary you have been waiting for, head over to our sales page.