Development is planned in three phases over the next 3–7 years, with minimum disturbance and maximum sensitivity to ecosystem, bioregion and spirit of place.  


Each phase builds upon the last in terms of material assets, water, waste, energy and food systems, as well as community structure, governance and outreach. 

The project is a living case study in creating and sustaining a regenerative, spirituall-oriented community, that bridges cultures and continents in solidarity with Nature. 

Satellite views showing trails and tree locations. Images © Google Earth. 


Q2 2020

Project directors and core team take up residence at Sipapu, to carry out plans for sustainable water, waste, food and energy systems.

We’ll also build a house for residents and retreat facilitators, expand sanitation facilities and develop relationships with regional partners.

– Water & waste
– Food security
– Agroforestry
– Bamboo

– Renewable energy
– Core team
– Key partnerships


Q2 2021
Modular eco-village

We are working to identify partners for the design and construction of 8–16 ecologically smart homes.

Accommodation will be planned, funded and built in modules of 4 homes, with energy, water and waste systems.  

– 4 home modules
– Water, waste & energy
– Platforms & walkways
– Resident community
– Eco/retreat guests
– Natural Wisdom 4.0


Q3 2021
Temple of Emergence

We are working with architects and regional sources to design the Temple of Emergence. 

The building will use esoteric principles and geometry to house an energetically active sacred space. 

– Sacred geometry
– Ecological construction
– Amplify spirit of place
– Ceremonial site
– Regional attraction
– Resident community
– Regional partners
– Global visitors

We need a new, global spirituality, an organic spirituality that belongs innately to all of us, as children of the Earth.

Barbara Mor

The Great Cosmic Mother, Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth



We’re seeing a revival in interest in bamboo across the Amazon, due to its rapid growth, flexibility and durability of use as in construction, textiles and crafts. 

Sipapu staff attended a residential workshop curated by Children Bamboo Rainforest to learn basic techniques of planting, cultivation, harvesting, preparing and building with bamboo.

We plan to plant 1–2 hectares of bamboo, reaching maturation in 4–5 years. The crop will filter for grey and black water final stage seepage from the waste system, which provides nutrients for growth. 

Sipapu staff attended the Childen Rainforest Bamboo workshop at Casa Amazonas, Madre de Dios, October 2019



We’re working with designer Tom Peto of InnerSphere to explore the design of the Temple, from esoteric concept and geometry to sustainable construction.   

This is not another malocca in the jungle. The Temple is key to our regenerative strategy, bringing love, light and conscious visitors to the region.

We’re exploring construction materials including adobe, bamboo, hempcrete and of course wood. Aesthetics and atmospherics will harmonise with Sipapu’s powerful spirit of place, creating an energetically active sacred space. 

Exploring virtual and physical models with Tom @ InnerSphere.



The project community in most cases graduated from programmes run by our sister project Ayni Foundation, sharing, teaching and assessing concepts and methods in self-mastery, deep ecology and shamanism.   

As the project takes shape, the community will grow, with feedback and governance based on compassionate communication, interpersonal and transpersonal awareness.

Ayni Foundation’s pioneering Natural Wisdom Leaders programme is being re-architected to offer a pathway to participation in regenerative community and evolutinary activism.  

Learning, working, creating and playing on the Natural Wisdom and Pilgrimage to Peru programmes. 



With 16,000 species of tree potentially at risk from ecological destruction, we’re exploring ways for people to support the project and help protect the forest from afar.

Tree Sponsorship raises funds for care and planting by offering exclusive, rich content about Sipapu’s resident trees.

Subscribers get key facts,  legends, medicinal uses, stories, poems and photoessays about their chosen tree. 

Legacy gifting is also be an important source of funds. More and more people are waking up to the fact that human civilisation may be interrupted by climate and environmental emergency. 

Sipapu will be a storehouse of knowledge and narrative for future generations.

Learning the ways of the forest at Sipapu, and upriver at Camino Verde.